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KERASIEV™ -01RM: Filter with top thin micro filtration layer


Need Inovation is a specialised company with expertise in key fields for ceramic filter development, manufacturing and applications: Design engineering, material science, process and chemical engineering. We designs and manufactures porous filter and its housing/equipments to separate species of liquid media in microfiltration range.

Need Inovation Introduces KERASIEV®  series: A Porous ceramic filter tube with square, Hexagonal, Round and triangular hole configuration for fluid filtration. These hole shape are designed to have maximum surface area per filter and low fluid resistance to maximise filter efficiency in tubular shape with respect to applications. The filter thickness may vary from less then 0.5 to 2 millimetre (application specific).

The filters are made of highly stable material, mainly high quality ceramic, which has highly porous structure and acts as barrier to the targeted species in the fluid media based on the filter hole (pore) size and the targeted species. The structure may be further processed to apply porous thin layer (M series) of organic or inorganic nature, in order to further reduce the filter hole size (Ultrafiltration and  fine Microfiltration range) as per application fluid.

The technology is also proposed for automobile sector as air filter, diesel  particulate filter (DPF) etc.

Top porous thin layer 



Highly porous support structure 


The KERASIEV®  membrane are fitted in the SS 304/316L/ PVC/PP module vertically through side sealing arrangement. The application fluid (FEED) is forces through the inside channel of the membrane and further re- circulated (RETENTED). The pressure difference forces the purified fluid through the membrane pore and collected as PERMEATE as a crossflow. The deficit volume is being makeup from the FEED TANK connected to the RETENTED line.