Technical Support and Solutions:
We provide application specific complete solution for liquid filtration process. We design KERASIEV®  filter module and its subsequent machinery for specific application in order to provide our customer a complete solution.

1. Dairy application: 

  • Partial replacement of pasteurisation process
  • Filtration of bacteria from milk by Kerasiev ceramic membrane Micro filtration
  • Milk concentration by Kerasiev ceramic membrane Ultra filtration
  • Separation of whey protein from milk by Kerasiev ceramic membrane Ultra filtration
  • Cheese production by Kerasiev ceramic membrane Ultra filtration

2.  Beer and wine industries: In distillery industry post fermentation process requires various separation process includes 

  • Ethanol separation from the fermentation broth- Fermentation Broth Clarification
  • Beverage clarification
  • Pre distillation filtration process (reduces the distillation load)
  • Sugar cane clarification
  • Spent wash treatment

3. Community WATER FILTRATION SYSTEM : Pilot KERASIEV®  Filtration System compatible with secondary UV treatment for water purification from  High Total Dissolved Solids (TDS ) and Microbiological (pathogens) contamination

  • Municipal surface water purifier for TSS controlling & Pathogen filtration {Kerasiev®  [M]}.
  • Pre-filtration for adsorption based Ground water Fluoride, Iron and Arsenic removal plants for drinking purpose

4. Domestic WATER FILTRATION SYSTEM : Domestic KERASIEV®  Filtration System  provides solutions for  Pre-treatments for RO,UF and Softeners

  • Pre-filtration for kitchen sink water purifier
  • Pre-filtration of water softeners for bathing, cloth washing etc

 5. Industrial FILTRATION SYSTEM : KERASIEV® Filter module with Pipe Line Valve and pumping systems with semi automatic and manually operative backwash System for Filter cleaning.

  • Pre-filtration for RO,UF and Softeners
  • Removal of Organic/Inorganic  Total Suspended solid (TSS) from sea water for desalination plant.
  • For Industrial drinking purpose.
  • For surface water polishing as TSS controller & Pathogen filtration {Kerasiev®  [M]}.
  • For Cooling tower.

6. Special chemical process:


  • Chemical extraction (fishery, textile etc) 

7. Test/semi pilot KERASIEV® FILTRATION prototype:

Test trial for application specific data generation and further application exploration



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