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Mutation and adaptation are the two most important factors responsible for the present day homosapiens. It is because of these two factors that human beings are at the top of all the species.  As the surrounding environment changes, human beings also change themselves to adapt and exist. The change in the environment is rapid since the first industrial revolution. There is an increase in average global temperature by more than 1degree C in the last 137 years. This change is absorbed by human beings only by adaptation as mutation is a very slow process compared to this rapid change in the environment.  Human beings had to learn to keep itself safe in this new environment. It kept itself separated from the ill effect of environment change with the help of science or more specifically “separation science”.  It is important to keep the air we breathe, pure; make the water we drink, clean; have the food we eat, safe and used clean energy. Air-Water-Energy are the three basic needs for our existence. That is how separation science becomes vital for our wellbeing.

A physical filter is considered as an important tool in separation science.

​It is true that when a new technology comes, it comes with high price tag. More then 60% of world population is still below poverty line and the scenario is even worse in the underdeveloped and developing countries. The technology has to be affordable to have its relevance to the mass. It is only through constant innovation that a process can be made economical and sustainable. 

At Need Inovation, we believe imagination guided by experience will lead to new solution. Need Inovation has innovative approach with a problem specific expert guidance. The company follows this from raw material selection to manufacturing process and solutions. Based on this philosophy we have started our journey.  A journey to have sustainable and affordable filter technology to address problems associated with the three basic need of human being: 

Air- Water - Energy.

The logo, symbolises filtration. The lines in the middle of the logo represents the physical filter through which the fluid gets filtered from left to right (blue to white). The middle contraction of the filtrate indicates the restrictions imposed by the filter for unwanted species. The centre crisss-cross design represents one of our filter configuration. The sky-blue colour signifies the limitless innovation's infinite possibilities.

Name, "KERASIEV" is derived from "KERAMOS" and "SIEVE". KERAMOS is a Greek word meaning ‘pottery’. Keramos in turn was originated from a Sanskrit root – meaning ‘to burn’. Hence, the word Keramos was to infer ‘burned substance’ or ‘burned earth’. "SIEVE" infer to filter. Hence "KERASIEV' refers to ceramic filter.