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Application field:

A physical filter acts as a barrier between different species depending on the physical size, chemical and surface properties of the filter and the species /entities. It has holes on its surface and mainly follows a size exclusion process where it restricts certain entities to interact/mixed with others depending on size difference between its hole and the species/ entities. In order to have smaller hole and yet have higher efficiency, its filter surface may be covered with thin layer/ layers structure, which restricts a range of molecule sizes to pass through it and allows some others, depending on size of hole in the thin layer structure. This necessity of extra layer over the filter is based on the targeted species size (application).

Need Inovation develops the design and manufactures filters made of mainly ceramic material for filtration of species in aqueous solutions.  At present our filter works for macro/microfiltration (MF) and Ultra Filtration (UF) applications.

KERASIEV®  advantages:

  • Highly inert, environment friendly
  • Long self life
  • High temperature resistant                        
  • Resistant to various bases and acids
  • High pressure withstanding capacity
  • Low foot print
  • Low maintenance

Owing to the above mention advantages KERASIEV®  may be used in the following fields:


  • Liquid treatment (Water and waste water)
  • Pre-filtration for sea water desalination
  • Chemical process
  • Dairy, food ( fruit juice) and pharmaceutical product process/pre treatment